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There are now more opportunities in the creative industries sector than ever before. With technology turning mobile and marketing moving online – graduates are stepping into roles which didn’t exist 10 years ago, which require new skills and a fresh set of eyes!

For the graduates of UWS 2016, their prospects are promising and they can’t wait to share their skills with some of Scotland’s top creatives at the Digital Futures event.

The Future Is Digital

Investment online is becoming a big business and a staggering 71% of global businesses are planning to grow their investment in digital marketing, while only 20% will increase their offline marketing spend. The number of digital companies is growing due to the high demand of outsourcers and they are looking for young fresh talent who can be trained in the latest technology.

Brian Lonsdale managing director of Smarter Digital Marketing is keen to promote the digital agenda in businesses all over the UK using young and enthusiastic talent:

“Investing in creative skills is vital for any business who wants to advance in the digital age. We have taken on a number of student interns to help develop our business. In exchange we have mentored them in online reporting, analytics and web design. We have also taken on a Creative Industries Graduate full-time, who is training to use SEO and CRM systems.”

From social media to blogging, digital marketing in Scotland is becoming a desirable factor for any organisation. It is a critical time for businesses to invest in the digital aspect of their business, therefore it is perfect timing for a creative industry student to graduate.

The Move Towards Mobile

With more businesses investing in digital and a constant growth in millennials who using mobile devices, the way we are designing our platforms is changing.

The way users are consuming their data has moved, Google have said that in the USA alone 94% of users use their search engine via their smart phone and around 77% will choose to use their phone over a laptop or tablet.

Mobile is now dictating how businesses design their websites and web designers and developers are filling in the technical gaps, creating functional websites that are up to scratch for today’s smart technology.

Students graduating from UWS already have a head start, the university is renowned for its expertise in computing and IT and have collaborative working relationships with international corporations such as IBM.

For students graduating this year, I recommend making the most of their skills online. Share your knowledge with others online; on forums, professional networks or write an outreach blog for another website!

UK Digital Nation

The UK’s digital network is flourishing and there are vibrant digital clusters appearing all over the UK.  Tech Nation has said that “digital is disrupting traditional industries and forming new ‘born digital’ sectors”. This has allowed digital companies to expand and has inspired new businesses to start up.

Tech Nations study showed that the number of new digital companies is rapidly increasing, with 53% more digital companies formed in 2013 than in 2010. This rise in creative employment most likely sprouted from opportunities in sectors such as app development and mobile gaming.

Technology has also inspired many to work from home or to start writing their own blog online. This is a great idea for students to do the same.

Start creating and publishing online and start sharing it on social media as soon as possible.  By creating a blog this will act portfolio for when you start applying to jobs.


Digital Futures Shaped by UWS

UWS is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and should be proud of their successes in media and culture as well computing and engineering.

On the 7th of June businesses, creatives and students will all join at The Digital Futures Event to celebrate the talent of graduating talented students.

The day will showcase students from a variation of creative backgrounds: Technology, Computer Networking, Computing Science, Information Technology, Animation, Games, Music Technology and Web & Mobile Development.

In 2012 The Creative Industries supported more than 65,000 jobs and had a turnover of £5.5 billion in Scotland alone. Four years on, students graduating from creative industries backgrounds are wanted more than ever. The West of Scotland has lots to offer with exciting job opportunities in the Renfrewshire area to some of the most unique post-graduate studies in UK.

Showcase Your Skills

UWS is sending their students in the right direction. There is a massive skills gap in mostly all of these sectors and students should take advantage of the graduate opportunities that are available right now. Many recruiters are looking online so be sure to update your CV on platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Employers are looking for candidates to act on their skills and display their knowledge online therefore it could be an idea for media students to create and search optimised CV or a visual CV for design students. This will separate you from all of the other graduates applying to the same job as you!

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