Ray Holder


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My main employment has been within the print and design industry. With my varied experience in life I have a wide-ranging set of skills that I can apply to the design field and would bring a benefit to the animation and creative industries profession. I lived in Thailand for seven years and worked as a teacher. I returned to the UK to resettle here with my family and have undertook a full time education and have recently finished the 3rd year of my BSc Computer Animation with digital Arts course. For further examples of my work and details of my skills set can be viewed via my website.



Year 3 BSc Honours Computer Animation with Digital Art


Link1: Website http://holder205.wix.com/ray-holder-1

Link2: Design Work Examples http://holder205.wix.com/ray-holder-1#!design-work/cee5

Link3: Animation Work Examples http://holder205.wix.com/ray-holder-1#!animation/czwi

Link4: Example of Work http://holder205.wix.com/ray-holder-1#!page2/cjg9


Email: holder205@gmail.com