John Kennedy

A Motivated & Determined Individual Desiring a Career in IT

john kennedy



I am a highly motivated and determined individual with a desire to build a successful career within the IT industry, I have developed analytical and problem solving skills alongside exceptional customer service skills during my roles within Sainsbury’s and Getronics. I decided that I wanted to work within the IT industry due to the ever evolving world of technology, I started off at NC Level and worked my way up through HNC, HND and finally my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networking at UWS Paisley.

During my studies at college and university I applied myself fully to each module and task obtaining A’s in both HNC and HND year also passing all my exams and coursework at the first attempt during my year at university. Holding down a part time job and having parental responsibilities whilst studying has also allowed me to develop exceptional time management skills to ensure my work was of a high standard and delivered on time.


Honours Year Bsc Computer Networking


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