Craig Pryde

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Founder & Creative Director of Pryde Byte, a creative digital agency based in the heart of the countryside. I design, develop & market digital products with the intent to create a story that will inspire generations to come. I am fully self-taught in many areas including Digital Design, Digital Marketing & Full Stack Web Development. My passions span towards creating and launching the futuristic with large scale creative projects such as social networking platforms and brands, two of which I am currently working on, Be The Spotlight & Crafted Through Passion.


Year 3 BSc Web & Mobile Development


Link 1: Pryde Byte – A Digital Creative Agency in The Heart Of The Country Side

Link 2: Craig Pryde – My Personal Brand Website (Coming Very Soon)

Link 3: Crafted Through Passion – A Clothing Brand Aimed at Making a Difference (Coming Very Soon)

View of Facebook:

Link 4: Be The Spotlight – A Social Networking Platform Aimed at The Music Industry