Great Presentation from Derek Richards to UWS Music Tech Students

A big thank you to Derek Richards FRSA for his talk yesterday to UWS Music Technology students on being a Producer and Media Artist.  In his presentation Derek outlined the technical aspects of the Cage Street Memorial production with emphasis on the ways in which audio and video content were integrated through technology into the[…]

Digital Futures Banner

Ross Cairns

A Journey Through Sound with Accompanying Senses.   Profile Ross is an extremely creative individual with focus on creation of Audio and Sound Design. Apart from producing tracks that have been signed to record labels, he also involves himself in whatever new technologies can set him apart from others. Currently Ross is setting up his[…]


Michael Christie

KORA AUDIOVISUAL – a progressive audiovisual experience. Profile I have been an electronic music producer for over 5 years, with a wide skill set covering recording, mixing, sound design for music and film, post production for film, and mastering in stereo and 5.1. I have studied audiovisual relationships for my honours year project, and have[…]

Robert Tranter feat

Robbie Tranter

Graphics for album covers by Purple Drum Productions Profile I am a student from the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley. The work I produce is at a high standard and with my experience in retail and audio engineering I have obtained skills that have helped me adapt to a number of different working[…]


Poli Petrova

‘The Glasgow Underground Music Scene’ Profile I am working as a freelance live sound engineer, sound recordist both for film and in the studio and mix engineer. If I have spare time – I am constantly either learning new production skills( reading books and watching tutorials) or making music on Ableton. I am very hard[…]

Building the circuit board for the auto-drummer.

Edward jennings

Building the Auto-Drummer. Profile I run a small, single-room studio in Dumbarton currently called Castle’s Shadow Studio (name is due to change). I enjoy building electronic musical projects and have built a robotic drum-kit and a combined guitar, amp and effects pedal in the last two years. I am skilled in recording, mixing, mastering and[…]

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Michael Wheeler

Honours year project – MTOnline is an online platform providing resources for teachers wishing to implement iPads into their classroom curiculum. Profile Michael specialises in audio mixing, editing, foley & sound design, with experience as an audio editor, music instructor and theatre technician. He received the court medal for music technology in 2015, and later[…]