Kessia Tacy

To Infinity and Beyond the World of Computer Animination Profile I’m a 3D modeller and compositor with a particular interest in modelling and studio lighting vehicles and modelling futuristic landscapes and technology. Since I was little, I’ve loved cars and motorcycles and I have always been fascinated with ‘what’s out there’ beyond our solar system.[…]

Liubov Karaseva

Liubov Karaseva

An Entrepreneur in Organic & Architectural Modelling & Animation Profile My name is Liubov and I just finished my degree in 3D Computer Animation. I really wanted to do this course to learn more about 3D modelling and improve my animation skills. I am a fan of fantasy, magic and aesthetic beauty of nature. This[…]

3D Virtual Environment Maya

Jake Rankin

Profile Digital artist with a passion for creativity and the motivation to experiment and learn. Great experience in multiple software packages including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects as well as 3D tools like Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine 4. Combining the skills learned in all of these areas, as well as a background in photography[…]


Beth McFarlane

Profile I am a dependable, adaptable and an honest individual with an exceptional eye for detail and design. I have now completed my Honours year in 3D Computer Animation and also have an HND in Visual Communication. From these degrees I have learned to be creative and organised. I enjoy video editing, graphic design and[…]

Mad Max Project created in ZBrush and Maya.

Gavin Glover

Profile 3D artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. I am currently studying Computer Animation with Digital Art. I am a keen learner who always strives to enhance his computer animation skills and can easily understand how to use new animation software and techniques. I am proficient with many different types of animation software including ZBrush, Autobox Maya,[…]


Ray Holder

Profile My main employment has been within the print and design industry. With my varied experience in life I have a wide-ranging set of skills that I can apply to the design field and would bring a benefit to the animation and creative industries profession. I lived in Thailand for seven years and worked as[…]


Mark Daly

Profile 3rd year Computer Animation student with a keen interest in 3D character animation. I strive to enhance my animation skills learning new techniques applying them towards bringing life and personality to the characters I create. I have experience in live action and am proficient in using software such as Maya, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premier[…]


Alan Muir

Profile 3rd year 3D Computer Animation student specialising in 3D modelling and animation. I have created several animations including  my 3rd year project “Duel” in addition to my piece for the UWS 48hr anijam. I have proficiency in using Autodesk Maya for my work but also possess experience using 3DS Max and various Adobe software[…]


Marc Youngson

Profile 3rd year Computer Animation student aspiring to work in the film industry as a digital compositor. I have been editing videos both professionally and as a hobbyist for 8 years. I own camera equipment and enjoy videography. I have worked at Skyscanner and I also shoot videos for Youth Football Scotland. I currently use[…]


Murray Kerr

Profile Character animator who is also interested in digital painting. I enjoy working on creative projects and creating fluent animations with personality. I am proficient in the following animation software: Autodesk Maya for keyframe character animation, modelling and rigging. I also have experience of using Adobe Suite: Photoshop, After Effects, Premier and Illustrator. Examples of[…]