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Celebrating 10 years of UWS Digital Futures
Meet Computing and Creative Technology Students

Meet Computing and Creative Technology Students and Graduates at our special 10th Anniversary UWS Digital Futures 2016 event. Digital Futures 2016, on Tuesday 7 June, 2016 is the annual UWS Computing and Creative Technology students’ graduation show. This year Digital Futures is very special as we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary and showcasing student work from both our undergraduate and postgraduate Computing and Creative Technology degree programmes. Digital Futures 2016 will be our biggest event to date featuring students’ work from the discipline areas of Business Technology, Computer Networking, Computing Science, Information Technology, Animation, Games, Music Technology and Web & Mobile Development. In addition our Advanced Computing Science Development, Information Technology, Mobile Web Development and Smart Networks post-graduate students will be showcasing their work. At Digital Futures we celebrate student and graduate excellence exhibiting our Computing and Creative Technology 4th years’ work, selected best 3rd year student projects and examples of students’ commercial and independent portfolio work. For companies, Digital Futures offers opportunities to headhunt from our pool of fresh industry-ready graduates, talent spot from the current student cohort and make connections via student2business, graduate2business and b2b networking. Digital Futures is invite only but we are always happy to host Computing and Creative Technology companies who are interested in attending the event. If you would like to join us on 7th June, please contact Evelyn FitzPatrick, DF 2016 Organiser to find out more.

  • Preview student work

    We invite you to the online preview of our Computing and Creative Technology Honours, MSc and best 3rd year student projects. This, along with students’ independent portfolio work, is showcased in the Portfolio area of the Digital Futures 2016 website. Each year our Computing and Creative Technology students produce innovative work demonstrating their technical proficiency, design flair and technology awareness and Digital Futures 2016 is their opportunity to share it with you.



View Portfolios of Web and Mobile Development, Animation, Games, Music Technology, Business Technology, IT, Networking, Computing Science, Advanced Computing Science Development, Mobile Web Development and Smart Networks.
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Creative Technology Staff

Evelyn FitzPatrick
Digital Futures Lead and Director of the UWS Creative Technologies Industry Collaboration Programme
Email: evelyn.fitzpatrick@uws.ac.uk Creative Technology Professional Practice modules. Digital Futures organiser. Interests: student mentoring and work placement.
Dr Mark Davison
Web & Mobile Development Programme Leader
Email: mark.davison@uws.ac.uk Phone: 0141 848 3605 Specialties: Apache, PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, CakePHP & some Linux
Professor Thomas M Connolly
Professor, Head of Creative Technologies
Director of Institute for Creative Technologies & Applied Computing and Director for SCET. Has 100+ publications in databases, games & eLearning.
Dr John Nixon
Cluster Group Leader – Animation and Multimedia
Email: john.nixon@uws.ac.uk Phone: 0141 848 3617 Keen to develop the Computer Animation course particularly with regard to employability skills. Interested in mobile device
John McQuillan
Email: john.mcquillan@uws.ac.uk Phone: 0141 848 3438 Programme leader for the Computer Animation degree programmes at UWS.
Dr Fraser Clark
Email: Fraser.Clark@uws.ac.uk Phone: 0141 848 3408 Award winning innovator of embedded products with research interests in general wave propagation, optics, ambisonics and sensor systems.
Dr Thomas Hainey
Lecturer in Computer Games Technology
Email: thomas.hainey@uws.ac.uk Phone: 0141 849 4182 Dr Thomas Hainey is a Lecturer in Computer Games Technology specialising in Serious Games in the School of Computing at UWS.
Dr Derek Turner
Senior Lecturer
Email: derek.turner@uws.ac.uk Phone: 0141 848 3611 Programme Leader for Music Technology
Dr Gavin Baxter
Lecturer in Computer Games Development
Email: gavin.baxter@uws.ac.uk Phone: 01418494182 Research includes the pedagogical applications of Games-Based Learning and Serious Games in Higher Educational contexts.


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